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IconBux, scam or legit?

You must have already noticed Iconbux, a new PTC that is launched for 11 days until today. A lot of speculation along with evidences that behind the site is a notorious person who have created many scams and is involved in few others. All the info is based on the report of PTCI and out of courtesy we are publishing the direct link of this report: (Old ptc-investigation is closed)

Ashraful Abedin from Bangladesh is the suspected person, a name that doesn’t match with the info revealed by the IconBux admin.

The IconBux admin opened a thread where he published valuable info regarding the company which run the site:

Except the whois lookup:

we searched at Companies House:

There, we found a registered (probably online) company with offices at Sheffield.

Also we checked the D-U-N-S Number in the database and the info matches with the ones of whois registration records. There is also a name that belongs to the primary executive  (Nawagish Mahmood).

That name has been mentioned by the Iconbux admin in the forum as well. It is his real name as per his statement.

Bottom Line: Although there is no strong evidence, we are aware of several testimonies regarding the connection of IconBux and Ashraful (xiconzi). Furthermore, our instinct leads us into the decision of not recommending this site to our readers. The fact of having an old domain (since 2009) reveals that the person/s running this site is not a fresh new in PTC, thus suspected. However we are leaving the site in our pending list, waiting for something new and we strongly recommend you to stay a free member if not only a solo clicker.



Update: Iconbux’s paypal account is limited. Read below:

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