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Unique Rewards

Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
$0.20 - 0.30 minimum per dayThe 10% of completed offers, survey,
cashback offersplus other bonuses
Varies$20Every MondayPaypalCheck

Unique Rewards is another well established GPT site to make money online. The most interesting feature of Unique Rewards is their great PTC section. In fact, although cashout is at $20, Unique Rewards can easily used as a PTC site and cashout get reached easily without doing any offers. Unique Rewards is open for US, Canadian, and UK members.

Personal earnings: At sign up every user gets a $5 sign up bonus from Unique Rewards. The amount of daily earnings depends on the activity of the user but even if the user just clicks the PTC ads every day, he will earn between $0.20 and $0.30 on average with just a few minutes clicking.

Referral earnings: Unique Rewards pays a $1 referral bonus for every new referral who completes any offer (no PTC). Furthermore, the referrer will get 10% referral earnings from all completed offers, surveys, and cashback offers. PTC, bonuses, and profile surveys are excluded from the referral earnings. In addition, there is a $5 bonus when the referral reaches the payout limit the first time.

Offers: Unique Rewards has always more than 150 offers available. These offers include free offers, downloads, sign up, and trial offers.

Surveys: 15-20 surveys are available at Unique Rewards on a daily basis. Most of them are low paying (<$1) surveys though.

Click Cash: Unique Rewards has probably the best PTC feature among all larger GPT sites. There are 20-30 PTC ads available every day. Each one pays $0.01 with a 30 sec timer.

Paid emails: Unique Rewards sends paid emails to their users from time to time. On average this happens once each other day. A paid email is worth $0.01.

Cashback: There are 20-30 cashback offers for online shopping at Unique Rewards ranging from 2% to 10% cashback. However, these are mostly smaller sites.

Membership levels: After reaching payout limit the first time members will automatically become Gold members. Gold members earn up to 40% more for offers, surveys, and cashback.

Payouts: Payout limit at Unique Rewards is $20 and payout is processed via PayPal or check every Monday.

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Trivia: Unique script, online since 2003, owned by, Inc.

Unique Rewards is one of the top GPT sites with a $5 sign up bonus, lots of offers, and a huge amount of daily PTC ads. Even if a member decide to not complete a single offer, he will reach the $20 cashout limit after 2.5 month just with clicking the PTC ads a few minutes each day. It is nowhere easier to get $20 just by clicking ads.


  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Well established site
  • >$0.20 with PTC each day
  • Fast and easy payout


  • High minimum payout
  • Just low paying surveys


  1. I have been with this site for a while now and now all of a sudden I keep getting directed to every other site but this survey site, the crazy part is that I still receive emails for this site. Something is not right.

    • you have canceled my log in i can no longer get to your site

  2. I tried to sign up for this a few days ago, and I have to say, this is the most user UNfriendly site I have ever tried to partake in. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to sign up, and then it was very unclear where to go from there. I consider myself to be very internet savy, but this site is not laid out well. Too cluttered and busy, and too many pop ups that made it through my paid version pop up blocker. Disappointing.

  3. The first payout may be all I will be able to do then, very sad!

  4. Would it still take 2.5 months just clicking PTC ads without referrals?

    • Less than that considering the $5 sign up bonus.

  5. This is a very good site. I have already cashed out on 20 and am on my way up to cashing out again already up to ten bucks i love this site.

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