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Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
Varies a lot100% for searching onlineDiffers$5Up to 1 week for money or virtual goods
Up to 3 weeks for physical goods
PaypalAmazon Gift Cards

SwagBucks is described itself as a free online rewards site where members can earn money for everything they do online anyways like online searching, shopping, gaming, etc. For almost all their activity members earn digital money called Swag Bucks that can be redeemed for prizes or money at PayPal. Depending on the prize one Swag Buck is worth around $0.01. One is for sure, SwagBucks attracts a lot of people who have never heard of PTC or GPT before and their success is picked up in international media. SwagBucks was ranked #43 on the Inc 500 fastest growing company list in July 2011. In 2011 the site generated more than $25M in revenues and a 100% increase is expected for 2012. Unfortunately, SwagBucks just accepts members from the US, Canada, and the UK.

Personal earnings: There are multiple features to earn money at SwagBucks. Depending on the member’s activity one can earn between a few cents and several dollars each day without even touching the higher priced offers known from the usual GPT sites. The key to use SwagBucks most efficiently is following their own description and using SwagBucks for things one would do online anyways.

Referral earnings: At SwagBucks members just earn from their direct referral’s searches. There are no referral earnings for completing offers, surveys, or any other action at SwagBucks. However, members get 100% referral earnings for any direct referral who earns Swag Bucks for searching online. Referral earnings are capped though. There are matching referral earnings just for the first 1000 Swag Bucks a referral earns.

Online searching: Doing online searches at the SwagBucks website or through the SwagBucks tool bar is probably the most used feature at Swagbucks. The reason for this is that this feature is way better paid than any similar feature at competitor sites. On average, members get more than 1 cent for every single search and they can do as many searches each day as they want. However, members don’t get a fixed amount of Swag Bucks for each search but have a chance to win any amount of Swag Bucks between 1 and a few hundreds.

Offers: Like other GPT sites, Swagbucks has the usual free and trial offers. For this feature SwagBucks collaborates with several large offer providers like Trialpay, RadiumOne, and Peanut Labs. In total there are 7 different offer providers which gives SwagBucks members a huge amount of offers to complete.

Surveys: SwagBucks offers a great number of surveys each day. Incentives for the surveys are comparable with other GPT sites. However, the sheer number of available surveys gives the members great chances to discover surveys with bigger incentives.

NOSO: The No Obligation Special Offers feature at SwagBucks is a PTC-like feature where users click through special offers. Members are not obligated to complete any of these offers but will earn a random amount of Swag Bucks after viewing at all of them. One offer path usually has between 5 and 10 different offers and can be completed once a day.

Videos: SwagBucks has a huge videos selection with 60 different channels and over 40,000 clips. Members who inform themselves by watching video clips online can easily do this at SwagBucks and earn a little money on the site. The incentives are lower than watching video ads at other GPT sites though as members just win a few SwagBucks every couple clips.

Shopping: SwagBucks has a nice selection of coupons that can be printed out and redeemed at local stores. Members earn Swag Bucks for every redeemed store. Furthermore, there is an online shopping section with special cash back offers.

Tasks: Daily tasks are available at SwagBucks where members can earn a few Swag Bucks for answering questions regarding online searches or for looking up special informations at websites.

Games: SwagBucks has a huge selection of short casual games available. Members can play these games for free and get random numbers of Swag Bucks just for playing. They can also buy in with Swag Bucks into games and win even more.

Daily polls: Once a day members can earn 1 Swag Buck for answering the daily poll.

Trade in: Members can send their old books, video games, and gaming consoles to Swagbucks to trade them in for Swag Bucks.

Payouts: Swagbucks has a payout limit of $5. Swag Bucks can be redeemed for different prizes including Amazon gift cards or PayPal money. Virtual gift cards and PayPal need up to 1 week. Prizes to be send by mail might need up to 3 weeks.

Communication: BlogFacebookContact Form

Important links: FAQsTOSHow it worksDo’s and Don’ts

Trivia: Unique script, online since February 2008, over 4m members, owned by Prodege LLC.

SwagBucks is different from most of the other GPT sites in terms of member demography and features. Members can literally spend the whole day at SwagBucks and earn money without getting bored. Best use of SwagBucks is to just use the features one does online anyways. Regularly checking of the special offers also helps to maximize Swag Bucks with minimized time. SwagBucks is also a great chance to broaden up the recruitment effort to people who usually do not be interested in GPT or PTC sites. Only draw back at SwagBucks are the limited referral earnings. However, SwagBucks is probably one of the top three GPT sites for US, Canadian, and UK users.


  • Low payout limit of $5
  • Different features to earn from
  • 100% referral earnings from searches
  • Large amount of offers and surveys
  • Well established site with a great history


  • Referral earnings just for searches but not of offers, surveys, etc.


  1. Hi

    I join swagbucks and earned £170 in just under 8 months. Its a great site and highly recommend. If you want to join please use my refferal link:

    Thanks in advance

  2. I’ve been using Swagbucks for several years now and it’s the most reliable GPT site I know of. I make a few quid per month just by using the search feature, so that’s free money for doing what I do anyway – think about it, how many internet searches do you do in an average day? Dozens, if you’re anything like me. That’s without doing the other stuff on there, like surveys etc, which I do from time to time but not every day. I’d recommend Swagbucks to anyone, just make sure they pay out to whichever country you live in first.

  3. I earn about 15-25 dollars per month on Swagbucks. Using the SBTV app on my phone nets me an easy 50 swagbucks per day, and I make sure to do a few searches and some tasks in my inbox. My earnings fluxuate though, based on how many of the “daily goals” I reached the month before. I make a conscience effort to make them almost every day, but sometimes after coming home from a long day at work, I neglect to achieve this. I think the user interface of this site is better than most other GPT sites and it’s great for beginners to online money making.

  4. I earn about $10/month in gift cards. I spend about 5 minutes a day if you count the searches. I’m going to do searches anyway, so why not get paid is my viewpoint.

  5. I’ve been using Swagbucks for 2 years now and love the site. I’ve been lucky to redeem a few times, and some things I’ve redeemed for so far were 2 $25 Amazon giftcards, $10 PayPay, $15 Paypay giftcard, and some toys for my son. However for some reason I’ve tried to do quite a lot of surveys on Swagbucks but never qualify. Overall though I think Swagbucks is the best, and hey it’s free!

  6. I have been using Swagbucks for a few months now after it added India in the list of accepted countries and so far I’m satisfied with it. I know earning opportunities for us are much lower compared to somebody from US or UK but it is not disappointing. If I could earn 10 Swagbucks (which is about 6 to 7 cents with the calculation 5$=700SB) everyday just by playing interesting games for a while, then it is way ahead of any PTC site and to add to it will be the earnings from the search engines and daily polls and occasional lucky swagcodes. I only wished they had a few surveys for us.

  7. India is added to the list of accepted countries. USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia & Ireland are the rest ones.

  8. I love swagbucks. I earn at least an average of 100 swagbucks a day which I use to get amazon gift cards. Swagbucks gives you a lot of easy opportunities to earn swagbucks. They encourage you to earn everyday every hour. The trick I use for getting a lot of swagbucks is completing their surveys. I always qualify for at least one.

  9. Like Xmas said, surveys are one of the best ways to earn a good amount of points in a day. The searches are sometimes worth it, but the best day to do them is on Friday’s. Searches done on Friday’s can give you more of a chance of earning more points than other days.

  10. I tried swagbucks and I agree with Jester23. It’s a lot of work for very little pay. Xmas’ method, mentioned above, sounds like it would work but 3215 points for $25? $25 a month for all that work? It seems extremely time consuming for that little amount of money. I think it would take at least an hour to do all that and at the end of the month you’ve then earned $1 an hour. I generally hate to have this mentality, but my time is worth more than that. I could save $1 a day in so many other ways and most of them is just that I need a little more time. For example, spread that hour out among the day and do things that you don’t normally do. Make a pot of coffee in the morning and put it in a travel mug instead of stopping at the coffee shop on your way out.

    • LOL. I know this reply is like a year old but I started SB this year and feel the same way. This is stupid. Many hours a day for maybe $25 a month. There are many easier ways to have $25 in your bank account each month such as cutting down on coffee and fast food runs. I feel bad for the kids of those “work at home moms” that spend hours on the computer instead of interacting with their kids. The type of loser parents that sit their kids in front of video games and movies while they make pennies on the computer and post on Facebook.

  11. For users from the US, Canada, and UK swagbucks is a great site even without referrals. I am not sure about other countries.

    I am from the US and here is how I use it:
    1. I try to reach the Daily Goal, a specific number between 50 to 120 points each day. If you reach the daily goal you get a 10% bonus. If you reach it 7 days in a row you get another 25 sb. If you continue reaching the goal you get more boni after 14 days (100 sb), 21 days (200 sb) and a full month (300 sb).
    2. To reach my goal I do the following: I complete the daily poll (1 sb) and the NOSO offer (1-3 sb). Both just takes a few seconds. Then I check my messages. Almost every day there is a short offer (takes 1 min or less) to get some more points. After this I check the tasks and surveys. I especially like swagbucks’ survey sections as they often have short surveys for high pay. For example, I constantly find surveys of 10 min or less which pay at least 50 sb. That’s a very nice rate in my experience with other sites. Of course I don’t qualify for every survey but their pre-screening is good so that I usually qualify for 20% of the surveys I start.
    3. I also installed the swagbucks toolbar and use it for my daily web searches I do anyways. That gives me one win for 5-15 points each day.

    The above is usually enough to reach the daily goal within a short time. If I still need points I search their offers for an easy sign up offer or some videos from the offer walls. I don’t do their swagbucks TV as this is pretty badly paid.

    $25 at paypal is 3215 sb right now. If you do the above every day you get it in less than a month.

  12. I’ve used swagbucks and honestly, it’s a lot of work for little pay. For one, after I changed my primary search engine to swagbucks I found that if I started using the website search more and more I would get more points. This DID happen but when I saw the prices of the items that were being sold I felt like I would NEVER get to that point of ever achieving any of them. I wonder if it is something I am doing wrong or maybe it’s just me.

  13. thanks – i’m going to work on getting some referrals! i learned today of Datsoup and Refer-o-matic, will give them a whirl and see if it helps :)

    • Best of luck. :-)

  14. I read all the time about people making good money on Swagbucks, I don’t know if it’s because I’m not in the US or UK or because I don’t put in enough effort – but I find it really difficult to earn much more than 50 points per day! I have a slow internet connection which makes viewing the vidoes a chore, and I rarely qualify for the surveys. Are there any tips or tricks to using this site to its full potential, or is it purely down to your country?

    • Well, normally users from the USA, Canada and UK are the luckiest ones. At least you should feel lucky that you are included in the accepted countries. :-)

      Feel free to check the important links posted in the “details”. e.g. Do’s and Don’ts

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