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Click RateReferral Click RateAdsMinimum payoutWaiting TimePayment Process
Click RateReferral Click RateNumber of AdsMinimum Payout AmountDays Of WaitingPayout Gateaways
Varies a lot10% except paid e-mails,
signup bonus and toolbar searches
Differs$30 After the 15th of the following monthCheck

InboxDollars is one of the oldest GPT sites on the web. Members make money online with InboxDollars since 2000. InboxDollars has a great user interface with a very clean and appealing organization. Like most GPT sites, they provide offers, surveys, tasks, videos, and more. InboxDollars is open for international users. However, most of the offers and surveys are aimed towards members from English speaking countries with a strong concentration on the US.

Personal earnings: InboxDollars provides every user with a $5 sign up bonus. How much and how fast members earn money beyond the bonus depends on their own activity. Because of the nice amount of offers and surveys, members from the US can earn a lot in a very short time. Even with limited activity, they can probably earn a few dollars each day. International members have a much harder time to earn though. Often just the toolbar and the task section provide some earning opportunities for them.

Referral earnings: At InboxDollars members earn 10% referral earnings from their direct referrals. However, paid emails, sign up bonuses, and toolbar searches are excepted.

Offers: InboxDollars has the whole variety of free offers like sign up, download, and sample offers. They also provide great value trial offers that require credit cards and might charge small fees. Most offers are for US, Canadian, and UK members though. A lot international members have no offers at all.

Surveys: InboxDollars has a nice survey section with many available surveys for members from English speaking countries. In addition they send a few surveys each day to the members email accounts. There are just a few international surveys though.

Tasks: InboxDollars has the usual Crowdflower task section with small online tasks to earn money. Tasks are available for members worldwide.

Paid emails: US members receive on average 3 paid emails directly into their email inbox each day. For confirmation of each email they receive $0.02. Members outside of the US do not receive regular paid emails. Most do not receive any paid emails at all.

Videos: Most days there are a few short videos available for members from the US, Canada, and UK.

Toolbar: Members can download the InboxDollars toolbar and earn money for performing online searches through the toolbar. For each two qualified searches they receive $0.01 with a maximum of $0.15 per day. In addition there is a weekly bonus of $0.05, if members use the toolbar four or more days a week. The toolbar is available for members worldwide.

Membership levels: If members receive their first payout from InboxDollars, they will automatically become Gold members. As a Gold member, they get have a chance to get a new referral with every new members signing up without referrer. Payout for Gold members will be processed weekly instead of monthly.

Payouts: InboxDollars has cashout limit of $30 and just provides requests via checks. Requests are processed at the 15th of the following month. Cashout contains a fee of $3. However, after requesting cashout, members get the offer to void the fee, if they delay cashout for 4 weeks and earn an additional $10 during this time.

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Important links: FAQsTOSClub guide

Trivia: Unique script, online since June 2000, over 17 million members, owned by CotterWeb Enterprises.

InboxDollars is one of the most established GPT sites. Earning opportunities are great for US members. The referral earnings are just average though and international members have very limited earning opportunities. InboxDollars is therefore a great site for US members who do not expect to recruit a lot referrals. International members and members who can get many referrals are probably better served with a different site.


  • High-paying offers
  • Daily paid emails
  • $5 sign up bonus
  • Live chat support
  • Live chat support
  • Well established site


  • High minimum payout
  • Long payout time and only checks are available for payout
  • Very limited amount of offers and surveys and no paid emails for non-US, Canada, UK members


  1. I started Inboxdollars in August, and while I’m certainly not rich now, I have received two checks for over $40 a piece (and I now have $15 earned on the site). I noticed that when you get to $30 (the amount they’ll pay out at), Inboxdollars offers to pay the $3 fee they charge you if you agree to wait to request a pay out until you earn $40 (within a month’s time frame). I did it both times and found I made it to $40 easily.

    I actually wrote a review about this on my website if anyone is interested in hearing about my tips and tricks. :)

  2. please tell me inboxdollars is allow in pakistan yes or not

    • There is no restriction whatsoever.

  3. I am member on cashcrate and have read several reviews of Inbox dollars. I like paid mails of inbox dollar as I don’t have this option in cashcrate.

  4. I have been paid , and it is easier after the first payout. The tasks is alittle crazy , i elect not to d that , but the surveys are ok for the most part , if you do not get disqualified after a while taking the survey ., games , are fun , but my state does nt allow cash games , so games is not a benifit , music is ok , paid emails is the reliable one i enjoy inbox overall

    • I can’t get it to pay me out and there is no more livechat. :?

    • I just checked and the Live Chat works like a charm. :)

  5. I have been quite successful with inboxdollars. Last week I recieved a check for $37.00 and this week I am already back up to $22.26. Learn how to make this money by taking a look at my blog on online survey websites.

  6. I haven’t received anything from inbox in about 3 days. I don’t have anything in my emails about inbox, so I’m unabletoa ccess my existing account or earn anything. Help me.

  7. The site would be so much better if the money could go straight to your paypal/banking account like some other sites do. The payout on this site is quite high compared to other sites. I do however like that they are one of few sites to offer the cash videos, although you never know when you will get them…its not a daily thing or sometimes even a weekly thing! I also like the cash searches quick way to build up the cash if you are not impatient or lazy. I have gotten 6 checks with them so far and working on lucky seven now :) So its a good site to me, I think if they made a few minor adjustments the site would be more pleasurable but that’s just my opinion IF YOU NEED CASH IN YOUR ACCOUNTS NOW: I recommend doing as well.

    • Cool!! Thanks for the heads up!

  8. It is somewhat kind of hard to cashout on inbox dollars. I have cashed out before and got my check. I feel like doing their surveys everyday could be the only solution to cashing out, that and having a lot of referrals.

    • I watch the vids and do the emails too BUT I do shop online so I use the InboxDollars site to get the cash back from target and other places too. Also Use the Coupons that helps builds up the cash quickly too! I’ve become somewhat of a pro at cashing out on InboxDollars already working on my seventh check
      Good luck to you!

  9. I participate in their paid e-mails every day. It doesn’t take me very long to point and click, but I have been doing this for 6 months, and I am only at $13.60. On the bright side, that’s $13.60 I hadn’t had before, and it didn’t really take too much of my time to earn that money. It’s just that to get that money, I probably will have to open e-mails for another six months to reach the payout. I have looked into the special offers on the Inbox Dollars website, but a lot of them seem illegitimate.

    However, it really doesn’t take too much effort, and I feel a lot better about viewing paid e-mails than taking tons of surveys that I end up not qualifying for.

  10. I’ve been paid by InboxDollars before. They have some good offers but in my opinion the payout is too high. I like how they pay out by check although it can be annoying for other members.

  11. I just recently found out that they have a sister site that is exactly the same it’s called Send earnings might want to add that one here as well.

    • Thanks Vicenta. :-)

  12. I have been using Inboxdollars for a few years now. I use to do a lot of the survey’s on the site, but have noticed that sometimes you will get half way done with one, spending about 15 minutes on it and then it will come up telling you that you do not qualify anymore. Now days with everything else going on, I mainly just open up the emails and click on the links.

    It does take a long time building up the money for this, but it only takes a few minutes out of my day, everyday, to do that. I am happy where I stand with Inboxdollars right now and can say that I have been paid each time I have requested it. Most of the time I like to save up for a gift card to the book store and use it there.

    Always nice to get basically free books.

  13. I agree, the payout limit is pretty high. After reaching payout they will probably offer you to void the fee, if you can earn another $10 within 30 days. I did this when I requested cashout the last time and everything went fine. I got $40 without any processing fee.

  14. I visit this site on occasion. It takes a while to build up to the $30. I am now just reaching my first payout. They subtract 3 dollars from each check they cut, so one needs to factor that in. Honestly, a lot of sites they direct you to have a poor reputation according to my software that checks website reputation, so for the most part I don’t sign up for their offers. I suppose that is why it took me such a long time to reach my first $30!

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