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Common queries seeking an answer:

What is a GPT site?

A GPT site requires you to complete offers, tasks, surveys, download, search etc. in order to get credit of a specified reward.

Is it similar to PTC?

Quite much, however the tasks vary in comparison to what you have to do in a PTC site which mainly is to view advertisements. As specified above. in a GPT site you will be asked to download and install a software, complete a survey, or search for something etc.

Are international members acceptable?

Depends on the site. Even at the sites that accept international members, the majority of the offers concern members who reside in one of the following countries: USA, UK, Canada, Australia.

Is it possible to gain a financial freedom with GPT sites?

We would never recommend you to rely on the GPT sites for bringing the food on the table. However it is very possible to earn a supplementary income and as much as you get involved with, this can grow substantially.



  1. I have an account with SwagBucks but I can’t seem to find a good strategy to rack up a nice amount of bucks. Does anyone have any suggestions on what works for them earning wise?

    • Try the paid searching. I win almost everyday. You can also do the surveys that you are invited for. remember to check your email for invitations, by the way.

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