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Google PageRank updated yesterday!

Google PageRank updated yesterday!

Hello readers, we noticed many today’s reports about the change of Google PageRank in November 2012. The change was expected since the update was following a 3-month sequence (February, May, August, November).  This update concerns all the webmasters (blog, website owners). Google PR(0-10) is a measure of confidence for all of us who manage our own pages and determines the volume and value of our efforts put in every page. Unfortunately, Earnings Area’s PageRank hasn’t changed and remains on PR1 but we are happy for other projects so the feelings are moderate.  How about yours? Are you happy or sad? Looking forward to the new update in 2013. Till then keep working on your webpage and never give up. To make this clear, the google pagerank update is just an official confirmation. For instance, in a month or so your webpage could be PR2 from PR0 but google although hasn’t announced it yet treats your page like PR2.



  1. With all the changes Google keeps making to their algorithm it’s hard to keep up. I think the only way to win at their game is to keep things honest. If you try to cheat them, you’re bound to get burnt.

  2. PR3 is nice to have :)

    But do keep in mind that PR is not as important as some people make it out to be. I would give more value to metrics issued by SEOMoz such as Domain Authority and Domain MozRank and MozTrust.

    • I agree with that. There are also other reports of metrics involved that people should be depended on. I like the metrics provided by HubSpot as well.

  3. I just checked and one of mine finally went back up. It’s sitting at a PR3 again, which is where I had it last year. I’m not sure exactly when it fell to PR2 (it was before panda/penguin), but I wasn’t thrilled. I would love to move up even more, but I know that’s a much bigger jump.

    • Good job Jessi. :-)

      PR3 is really awesome achievement. Anything above this level requires a lot of effort and good luck.

  4. It’s nice to hear some good news after the Panda/Penguin panic. I’m sure there are cheers to be heard everywhere. People everywhere are having to re-think their business strategies.

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