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Find Crowdsourcing Opportunities With Lionbridge

Find Crowdsourcing Opportunities With Lionbridge

Crowdsourcing is one of the popular and favorite topics of our readers after a combinatorial analysis we have executed to our statistics here at Earnings Area. Hence, today another company, which main concern is the distribution of work to unspecified groups of people solving problems and contributing with new ideas for large brands worldwide, will be suggested.

LionBridge established and began operations in 1996. It has the central offices in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA with a revenue of $457 million and 4,500 employees working for the enterprise currently. Lionbridge also provides translation and interpretation services and not only this but ranked first in the list of the Top 100 Language Service Providers according to a research studied by Common Sense Advisory, an independent Massachusetts-based market research company.


How It Works

Although LionBridge offers careers to almost all the countries, there is no guarantee that available work is listed based on the country where you reside in. So, if you don’t see your country listed doesn’t necessarily mean that it is excluded from the global list. If you are unsure whether or not your country is candidate for future work you can send a message here. The page with the global map and the listed job opportunities by country is right here being updated in real time. Let’s say you saw a job opportunity available. Browse it and read the requirements needed from the contractor as well as the job description of it. You need to apply for this job by following the process through the official forms of the site. For being chosen you have to successfully pass an exam consisted of 3 sections including multiple-choice questions or simple questions furthermore. If you pass the exam you agree to a non-disclosure paper where the pay rate and the time table is defined. Those two vary from job to job and you even been paid per hour or per completed task. You’ve being paid via bank deposits.


Area Of Tasks

All the tasks are related with the performance of search engine evaluation between the search queries and results. Relevancy and proofreading of the keywords is some of the things you will be doing. To take a hint of the job procedure some variations are listed below:

Internet Assessor*Help play a part in improving the quality of one of the largest search engines in the world. | Internet Content Judge*As an Internet Content Judge your ultimate goal will be to contribute towards making internet search more exciting, relevant and interesting. | Internet Crowd Worker*Help contribute towards making internet search and online products more exciting, relevant and interesting for all end users in your market. | Ad Assessor*Help contribute towards making internet search and online advertising more exciting, relevant and interesting for all end users in your market.

Except the crowdsourcing, Lionbridge has open positions requiring translating and interpreting skills. For these positions you are asked to apply in separate section of the site. To apply for being a translator click here and fill out the form. For interpreters here.


Bottom Line

The company is reliable and big one, however the job isn’t coming quite often for all the countries so it’s not something to rely on. Most likely it’s a good short-term part time occupation with a decent outcome for the hours consumed. We never worked for LionBridge so we don’t know from first hand but working for this company includes all the benefits of the work-at-home engagement such as flexibility, less dependence from outdoor factors, more relaxation and privacy whilst working for real money.

* The job descriptions have been taken from the official site


  1. I have my CV sent on Lionbridge. This is all I can say. :)

    Didn’t have calls or working experience with them.

    • Great!! I wish someone will call you back soon!

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