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Expertscolumn – Become A Columnist

Expertscolumn – Become A Columnist

Today we are going to feature another paid-to-write site similar to Xomba which is already presented in our previous publishing. Expertscolumn has pretty much the same taste as any other typical content-write community should contain in its structure along with certain differences in some areas that makes it more unlike and attractive. It was founded by Nikhil Mahajan in 2009, a computer developer who’s truly running the project almost alone with the help of one single moderator lately. Although the project is upheld  mainly on one man’s shoulders, it was proved felicitous in the long run. Some complaints exist and can’t be hidden by the public judgement though.


The site was up for sale in September but eventually the initial monetary objectives weren’t fulfilled and the auction ended with the site unsold.

First Impression

Awful. But don’t get discouraged. It gets better. If it wasn’t recommended by someone else to me i would never register an account there. First of all. What kind of developer is this who uses Drupal instead of something custom? The front page is occupied mostly with current published columns rather than the basic info that a newbie should be finding with less effort and without distraction by a large block of text in between. On one hand is helpful for the current publishers and their articles but to me a newcomer is the most important fuel for a site’s engine since it feeds it with incessant endurance. No comment for the colour selection.

Registration & Approval

Once  you are done with the registration you will receive an e-mail asking you to send a sample article of over 300 words selecting one of the common listed categories. This measure concerns the users registered after October 15, 2012. Unfortunately they answer back very late. The approval of your account can go up to 10 days  and until then you cannot publish anything. Be careful with the writing guidelines. Read them before you send your first column for approval here.

If you get approved you will be receive an e-mail along with the status change and you should be able to visit the add-column page to write your first column. –>> Here

See how it looks like:


To keep your account in approved state, the content you publish must be always unique and over the min. limit of 300 words unless it is a poem which should be over 200 words.

Overall Earnings

The main advantage of Expertscolumn is the CPM rate of crediting. Meaning that you earn credit out of impressions and not when a reader clicks on the Adsense or Infolinks banner or text respectively. Note that your content together with the traffic you manage to drive to your articles must be adsense friendly otherwise you will have a big trouble with the rules and you may confront even a permanent suspension. The earning rate differentiates from country to country either of the columnist and the visitor. Additionally the site offers a referral program which grants you the 10% of your referral’s earned balance. For using your ref. link visit your referral’s page located here.

Payout Minimum, Time And E-wallets

Here is the good news. The minimum payout is $5 and you can get paid every 5 days if you manage to reach the minimum every time as your request as well. From the FAQ:

When shall I be paid?

We clear payments on every 5 days gap i.e. on 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st and 26th of every month. But for the payout to happen it is compulsory that you manually request a payout from us by logging into your account. If you have requested the payment on 17th then it will get cleared by 21st of that month. Similarly payment requested on 5th will get cleared by 6th of that month.

The payment options are two. Paypal and Moneybookers (Skrill) so almost everyone worldwide can take part. Lovely!


It’s a wherewithal to gain some traffic for your columns. You can request friendships, send private messages or comment to other columnists’ articles.

Important Links 

ToS, FAQ, Writing Guidelines, Contact

The Bottom Line

Except for the complaints of some users which are considered as personal feedback and not an overall issue generally the site is worth to be tried because you don’t expect clicks to earn but valid impressions and makes it easier, is approachable by all because of the payout options it offers and your articles are indexed fast and placed high in google results according to plenty of feedback i have been aware of.


We are receiving queries from some members that they are not able to see their earnings and stats. Well it seems that these members just simply missed out the notifications sent to them regarding closing of current revenue sharing program here on EC in the month of May.

To clear there doubts, we are updating everyone here for once more that due to decline in traffic and revenue, EC is no longer paying members for writing articles and June 10th was set as a deadline for requesting payments. All those who made requests before this date got their payments cleared and now no earnings record is available with us.

Posting of new columns have also been disabled. It will be re-enabled only after we come up with the new version of EC sometime in August this year when revenue sharing will be enabled again but in totally new form bringing higher earnings to members.

thanks & regards


  1. Thank you for this write-up on Expertscolumn. I had heard of it previoiusly, but couldn’t find any real detailed reviews at the time. And to be honest, the site looked just as you described it — and it didn’t give me much confidence at all.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I think that this would definitely be something that I could do and enjoy. I have signed up for several companies as a freelance writer, and I was approved but I haven’t written anything. So far, I haven’t found any topics that I would be interested in learning about. My mother always told me to never do something that you don’t enjoy–it will suck in the end. Do you know if there are a array of titles to choose from?

    • Do you know if there are a array of titles to choose from?

      By titles you mean subjects? I’m not quite sure about the sense of your question. Could you rephrase please?

  3. Thanks for the lead. Just a clarification. How is each impression converted into pay?

    • From the FAQ:

      How the revenue is calculated?
      You get paid on CPM basis i.e. paid everytime your column is being viewed. There is no need to register with Google Adsense program in order to earn money here.

      CPM simply means the amount you will be paid for every thousand visitors. As we pay on CPM basis so you will see your earnings increment every time you get visitors to your columns.

      Well our CPM rate always keep on changing. It keeps on varying from person to person and country to country. It would never be same for any two writers. User X earnings will always be different from that of user Y and user Y earnings will always be different from that of user Z due to the fact that the rate at which earnings are calculated will be different for every user.

      While good writers will yield high CPM rates, also visitors from countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc will result in higher earnings. So we at, always encourage the best in you. And never forget that we are paying you for your republished work.

  4. J-j-j-j-joined! :)
    I always promise to sit down and finally start to join all these sites, but you attracted me with good conditions Expertscolumn has.
    I have to meditate now over what approval article should I write.
    As for the layout, I think you exaggerated a little. :) I expected a total mess, but it’s not bad at all.

    • Wonderful! Take your time with the article. You can create a single sample for all these sites of similar type and forward them for approval any time it is asked. It’s not going to be published so i don’t expect any problem to occur. The layout inside is very okay. Actually everything are placed in a pull-down menu upon the username so it’s very practical. I was especially focusing on the land (home) page. The first impression is bad for a newcomer. I don’t endorse it at all. :) Have a good luck with it. :)

  5. I have been writing for Expertscolumn for a few months now and so far my experiences there has been good. Initially I had some reservations because of the loads of negative feedback it had on google searches but after carefully studying the response of the moderator and going through the rules and other responses from fellow columnists available it doesn’t seem as bad as it is made out to be. Still one should pay extra attention to abide by the rules as they are very strict on those. It is a pity that images can’t be added to articles here, which takes away some sheen really. The CPM rate is much better than sites like Triond or even Hubpages and the payout option is good rather than clubbing with Adsense account as some writing sites do. The high Google ranks really help in getting views for quality posts. Overall it is a good site and certainly worth trying. I hope it gets better with time.

    • Hi buroo, thanks for the detailed feedback. :) I wish you the best with the program.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for sharing your first hand experience. I am glad to hear the CPM rate is higher than Triond and Hubpage. I am still not sure if I should try it out. After all, it takes a long time for people to be accepted to “work” for them. I will think it.

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