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Esobux is Earnerz, meaning SCAM?

A lot of conversation over this assumption. Esobux is Earnerz because is running the same script; Gen4 said some users. It looks like pretty much the same they said some others. Both are assumptions and thus wrong and dangerous. However we have met several similarities between those two. The UK registered company was one of them. Never took them as a serious evidence that connect these two sites and continued testing them normally. So, while we were checking the banner area of Esobux just today, we fell on something very interesting. What is the explanation for the following evidence?

All clear, regular situation.

1. Nothing suspicious looking on the first pic. Our ID option is set as default.

Something weird, look at the HTML code, please!!

2. Hmmm, we changed the ID option to Special code and something different has been shown up. Let’s look on HTML code. Let’s look once again.

Setting our username as option we can see Earnerz again.

3. By looking again on HTML code and selecting our username, we can see the Earnerz’s directory as the source where the banners were uploaded.


For the readers who haven’t heard of Earnerz, here is some source of reference: (Old ptc-ivestigation is closed)

We were hesitated before we publish this blog entry whether is wrong or right to burn a new PTC site with prospect. Maybe the admins have good intentions this time planning to build up a magnificent site. Who trust them though and what about the users who been scammed on the previous sites that Esobux admins failed to even start them running. Perhaps Earnerz was not the only one and most likely Esobux is not the last one of this series. So don’t tell us that EarningsArea didn’t warn you. Beware!



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