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Emoderation Is Hiring? Are You In?

Emoderation Is Hiring? Are You In?

In a period of continuous robust progression of the work-at-home jobs, emoderation couldn’t be an exception of the rule. But first of all what does the company deal with?

Emoderation is founded in 2002 by Tamara Littleton who keeps up with the position of the CEO among the other executives and the major goal of the company was to deliver high quality multi-lingual community management and moderation services, social media consultancy, and social media crisis management training and scenarios to clients in plenty of sectors. Since then it has managed to attract and serve major brands such as ESPN, Hyundai, MTV and HSBC. The offices are located in London, New York and Los Angeles.


Is it an online money making opportunity?

No. it’s something more superior to this. It’s a working-at-home full time or part time job depended on the role you are hired for. Moderation is the major cause we published this article but also some other jobs requiring more skills are available along with this position such as account or community manager. Check the page of the currently available jobs here. Moderator is the arbitrator of an online community. The duty of a moderator is to clean up comments that go blatantly against the rules, tone down a public forum discussion etc.


Do I need to have experience?

Experience always gives you an advantage among the other applicants, however the company accepts submissions by people who never moderated or acquired expertise in something similar before. On the other hand, being bilingual or multilingual is a notable skill that emoderation is seeking from the applicants since it provides service in over 50 languages.emodlanguages


How it works

Like we mentioned above it is about a regular job, so you need to send your CV (Curriculum Vitae) and cover letter at jobs{at} to apply for it. Most likely there will be no vacancies at the time you will send your application but regardless this fact, emoderation keeps your application on record and will communicate with you when a job which suits your talents becomes accessible. If happened and got in contact with you then you may need to pass a short training before you get started in order to obtain the moderation skills desired for this work and some general or special guidelines. Expect much preaching in other words.


Pay Rate and Time table

It depends on the position but as moderator expect something around 10-15 USD per hour and also the timetable is flexible and negotiable.


Bottom Line

Some bad feedback regarding nasty treatment towards employees and company ethics not so acceptable is true that we have read but along this lengthy period of operation the company shows clean records and seems reliable for at least apply to. The comment section will be open for accommodating your personal experience working with this company and you are free to discuss and express your opinion whatsoever.


  1. Nice article. I shall probably send them the CV, just in case.

    Whenever I had this type of “managing community” position (both in real-life office work or online), I was known as severe Antichrist, but I guess we learn with the time and experience to be more flexible and professional.:)

    • Life is a convention. In order to survive in life we need to act against our own nature sometimes. :)

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