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Earning Out of Short Tasks at Microworkers

Earning Out of Short Tasks at Microworkers

Microworkers is the best place to complete short tasks and get paid for it. It is a platform which connects employers and workers from all over the world. You can easily register an account and start earning by your own efforts. In comparison with Freelancer or CloudCrowd, the tasks are easier and take no longer than few minutes to be accomplished. The procedure is also easy having the instructions in hierarchical order and written in a way that doesn’t require Master of Science to be comprehensible. You should see the available jobs in the respective panel and choose from the ones you are able to complete. The tasks are either can be seen as an whole group or separated categorically. Make sure that you have understood what the employer asks from you to do. Consecutive denials might lead to your account’s suspension. Also, it’s good to have a good reputation to avoid some restrictions.

The payments are made via alertpay and moneybookers and proceeded within 30 days. The minimum payout is $9 and you can also choose to receive a selected amount of the current balance the time of request.

Important note: After your first withdrawing request, a PIN will be mailed to your physical address and once you have received it via regular mail you have to enter it in order to enable the cashout feature. So make sure that you have put a valid address of yourself. This happens for verification purposes.

Before you start completing offers read the following pages because they contain valuable info inside:


  1. Thanks a lot! I’ve been struggling to find legit sites that offer this kind oportunites, I hope they take people who are not US based. I lost my job recently, and right now I’m no the look for a reliable web site that pays. I’ll definetely check it out right now!

  2. Thank you for this post! I think I will be checking this out. I am looking to make a few extra bucks each month. Especially with gas prices being $4.09 a gallon! Doing some short tasks after the kids are asleep is very ideal for me. This will definitely be worth a try for me.

  3. I was on Microworkers and I liked it. It pays a little more than MTurk which is a big plus for me. I don’t use it too often because I think they got rid of PayPal as a payment method, but I think they use AlertPay (Payza). I might check them out again since I haven’t been on in so long! Great info!

  4. I’ll probably check this one out at some point also. I spend a lot of time on my computer and this site might be worthwhile to visit and do a little work while taking a break from my regular on-line tasks. Making a small chunk of change for 5 minutes of my time can add up. Just think of all the time we waste every day. One might as well make some money while on break!

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