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Do you know which software is the PTC site you are member of using?

Do you know which software is the PTC site you are member of using?

PTC scripts are necessary tools for running a PTC site. Lately the branding around PTC scripts became fashion and even more script vendors are trying to secure their rights over the software they sell. As a user you probably must be wondering about the similarity between some sites. Usually the admins prefer to make some modifications in the code (when it’s possible) or the entire layout so their advertising service can be more unique in the eyes of future customers. There are sites with totally custom coding such as Neobux and ClixSense. However the most sites use pre-made scripts such as the following ones. Note that the list is made in order to inform both the users or those who are interested to open a PTC site.

1. ClixScript: A fairly new script already represented here at Earnings Area. Nice default design made by Diffusion Studios, variety of things you can add in and the offers’ feature is some of the things we like. It’s easy to be used by a fairly new PTC user and the advertising platform is also attractive to us.

You can visit the purchase center here as well as you can refer to our following post for more info:

An example of a running PTC site using ClixScript is Browse4Bux.

2. Gen4: The next generation of Gen3 is better than never since the time PTCPay sold to new owners. Except the resellers there is the only official source where you can find info about the script. It’s a classical bux script, bug-free with a lot of features. It can be customized by integrating a new design or/and adding new features.

An example of a running site is Clix2play.

3. Evolutionscript (former PTCEvolution): A script that many PTC sites have preferred due to its stability. Typical bugs can be met and a lack of customization is the primary downside of this script. A unique template can be integrated like in all the other scripts. The official developer of this script can be found here.

An example of a running PTC is Twickerz.

4. nTen: Zeus’ next generation is one of the most misunderstood scripts. Actually, Zeus is but those scripts are so similar, almost the same from the member’s side at least. Many sites run using Zeus and failed so badly that made Zeus to seem as the one to blame. Zeus is still up for sale but it is considered as an obsolete script. Who wants it when you have the nTen script. Like Zeus, nTen has a very attractive design and some improvements in advertising platform and the users’ account interface that we liked much. The official portal of nTen is

Unfortunately there is not a long standing and legit site right now but you can check either check the demo in xeoncoder portal or Innbux (not recommended to join it) which is using this script.

5. Aurora: It is divided in many versions you can choose from. The users’ panel is almost the same with some slight differences. It can be easily customized and the major downside is the lack of security. Many features are included by default though while the price you can purchase it is deadly cheap comparing to other scripts. Versions and official vendors follow:

i. SDR Series –

ii. MRV Series –

iii. ESV Scripts –

iv. Aurora Script-

A representative example is Cashnhits.

6. Next Gen Script: Not an independent software like all the rest, more like an all in one pack solution. Buxhost is giving the chance to run a PTC site with the least technical knowledge. Unfortunately many have been following this recipe and as a result we have hundreds of PTC copies of the same product. With buxhost you cannot modify almost anything. You don’t own the domain separately. You pay a subscription and take advantage of a service. The script is very reliable as well as the hosting environment. Lots of sites are using this script.

An example to see is ptctripler.

7. UseTitan: Read about it here » UseTitan «.

All the above are the most popular pre-made PTC scripts we are aware of. Our excuses, if we haven’t included some less used for the time being. Glad to add them in the list later.

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