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Do You Like Blogging? Make Money Out Of It.

Do You Like Blogging? Make Money Out Of It.

It’s been a long since our latest blog entry and you may have missed us already. We are working on placing  more reviews in our secondary pages and more content supplementing our basic core.

Have you ever thought of starting your own blog? If so, what was the reason that made you stop in the middle of the process? Were you not into the technical aspects much? Was it too difficult to find a niche that could fit to your capabilities? Were you looking for an incentive to start for? In case you are already a part or full time blogger the article could leave you interested if you never used the following services. We are not here to advertise this and boycott that, so feel free to recommend any other similar service that you have used or still been using.

There are companies that connect advertisers and bloggers for many years in a win-win situation for both parties. Blogsvertise & PayperPost are two of them. Their superb reputation and their easy to use environment are two reasons that lead us to prefer those instead of other companies. The procedure is similar, namely you register an account there, submit your blog/s and wait approval. Once you have completed this step you expect potential clients. You are listed and the advertiser can pick you out of a bunch of bloggers. You get the job, eventually complete it and receive the pre-dealt amount of money. Although the similarities, every company gives its own guidelines so give attention if you want to be successful with them.

Blogsertise – In case you haven’t been operating a blog, Blogsvertise recommends you at this page some options to get started from. Once you have created your blog, everything is ready to register an account there. Wait, there is a catch though. First off, your blog’s operation must comply with the blogger site guidelines. You can see them here:  Blogger Rules and Guidelines of Our Service. Secondly, keep in mind that Blogsvertise administration can dis-approve your blog or terminate your account and that is in its sole discretion to decide. So before you register an account at Blogsverstise, do your own research, find your niche, create some blog entries. Concluding, show them your interest and the reason why the advertiser could count in you. You can provide 4 different services and these are blog entry publishing, text advertising, banner advertising and video advertising. The earning rate is between $4 – $25 mainly depending on the popularity of your page. You get paid after 30 days of your job has been approved. You need a paypal account to receive your payment.

PayperPost – There is no requirements that can drag you out of this site. Of course you need to operate your own blog (sites or forums are not accepted) and you have to prove ownership. Normally this can be done with an ordered new post. So easy! You will be asked to fill out some details such as “price per word”, “price per post” (those are rates that you are comfortable with to get paid.), if you allow adult content in your blog, a small description etc. It is pretty much as similar as you have done it for Blogsvertise. Once you have submitted the info and proved ownership you are ready to accept or decline offers. You can see them at the opportunities’ tab. Check frequently because an offer can be deleted after 3 days of publishing in your area. You need to wait 30 day after your post has been approved until you get credit. $50 is the minimum cash you have to accumulate first before you request a payment via paypal.

Interested enough now?


  1. Thanks for the amazing article! I own my own blog, but I haven’t been able to stick to it, mostly because I had little to no motivation. I might actually consider checking ”payperpost”, it’d not hurt to try!

    Thanks for the amazing idea! I’ll bookmark this site asap!

  2. Thank you very much for this information.I already registered on Blogsvertise and i am working hard on my blog to generate more traffic.

  3. I am so excited about your blog! You provide such amazing information. Most people would not even share tips like you did. Other sites require money or require some kind of personal information to get some sort of tips. Their tips are not anywhere closed to what you provide for free. I found a lot of theses sites from Google. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve tried to blog in the past but even though I love writing, for some reason I don’t love blogging. I’ve actually even used a couple of the sites you’ve suggested but I’ve never cashed out because I couldn’t stick to it. I guess the moral of this message is if you don’t love to blog and can’t stick with it, try making money elsewhere LOL

  5. I’ve written only a few blog posts for payperpost since in order to receive many offers your blog should meet certain requirements such as high page rank and high alexa rank.

    For those who meet the criteria, it’s easy to write and earn fast since you’re only writing a blog post and not an article.

    I like to give it a try once my blogs pr has improved.

  6. I recently lost my job and am trying to work from home, so I like this idea! I just opened it in another window and I’m going to try and see if I can get something worked out. It’s worth a shot, right?! Thanks for the information!

  7. This is a good overview article. My only problem with these and a number of other similar sites is that you have to wait so long before you know whether your post has been accepted. other than that these sites are fairly good for those who want to post and earn some money,

  8. This is nice information for me to earn money from my blogs. I will use these one thanks for sharing.

  9. I always think about creating a blog, but something always stops me in my tracks. When people describe all the work they put into their blogs, I have to admit, it discourages me a bit. I have heard of PayPerPost, but I haven’t tried it yet because I don’t have a blog set up. I am still on the fence about starting a blog, but I know it can be a great source for passive income.

  10. Thanks for the article. I have already bookmarked it. I am working on creating my own blog right now, but I will also look at the sites you mentioned. If mine doesn’t “fly” as well as I hoped on my own, it’s good to know there are other alternatives.


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