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Clixscript’s developing team introduced the offers addon!!


The Clixscript PTC script won all the bets with the new version that introduced in the public. What this includes:

  • PTSU : Advertisers may purchase PTSU offers and members may complete them, then the advertiser will approve/reject (auto approve after x days), members may make dispute if rejected.
  • Affiliate Offers : Support added for 3 networks: Sparkleads, Aqualeads and Red Fire Network. Adding more networks is a simple task with the customized “add affiliate network” area in admin area. Postback ensures that members are credited for their completed offers fully automated and almost INSTANTLY! Offers may be imported using the import script included and your site may be up and running with thousands of offers in a matter of minutes.

The new version except the PTSU and the Affiliate offer contains:

  • Added option to remove payment proof requirement on the next payment for a individual member
  • Added count of referrals (both direct and rented) to edit member
  • You may now change captcha text color in admin area

The price has been raised as expected due to latest implementations. Notice that the “affiliate offers” feature isn’t being provided by any other PTC script in the market.

For an annual license the cost is $89.99 only!

ClixScript – 1 Year License

For a lifetime license the cost is $149.99 only!

ClixScript – Lifetime license

Take a look on our intitial post as well.

New PTC script available for sale!


  1. be more accurate in your quotations.

    • Link replaced with the correct one. Thank you for telling me.

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