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ClickWorker Crowdsourcing Service’s Outline

ClickWorker Crowdsourcing Service’s Outline

Clickworker is a European company and is particularly based in Germany which main purpose is to distribute work internationally either with demand for specialized prerequisite or not. Very similar to Cloudcrowd or Amazon mTurk, companies some of the EA readers are familiar with. It’s quite old and long standing company something that ensures that your effort is not going to get wasted. The site is also very well designed and professionally operated. A couple of reasons they convinced us decide to make it reachable to your awareness.


No work available

Ok, first of all work’s availability depends on the place you live in, however for having more chances to being chosen, you should fill your personal profile with all the qualifications you may hold. The system even gives you the option to justify that you really hold the qualification for the specific area of expertise. Next step is the assessments’ area where there you complete tests related with the job line. Having passed the test with a grade as higher as possible, raises the chances of seeing more job offers in the future.


Type of work

Search engine assessment, proofreading, writing and translation are usually circulated in this job marketplace. The pay rate for the job done is quite decent for someone living not in Antarctica. :P

No, kidding of course.  After a quick research we have executed, the feedback we collected about the pay quota is quite positive. The site claims that the pay rate is around $9-10 per hour. However you don’t get paid like this but for a fixed price.


Can I withdraw the money earned and how?

Of course you can and the site provides two options. Paypal or bank transfer only to the users who reside in a country belonging to the SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) system. There is also a variation in the payment schedule and volume for every option mentioned. If you choose Paypal you get paid weekly (Wednesdays to Fridays) with a minimum of € 1. On the other hand, SEPA account holders should be paid monthly (7th of every month) as long as they have accumulated €10 minimum. So the service is international but with restrictions as only those who can receive Paypal payments can participate. SEPA payments is an extra option since all the countries participated in this system are supported by Paypal as well.



A friendly operator is ready to answer to your question if more queries need special care after reading this review as well as a private forum is located right here in case you want to discuss with other Clickworker members.


Bottom Line

It’s really worth a try but like in every market place we cannot guarantee that you will be qualified for a job frequently nor the site should reserve you a steady stream of income but it is down to you really. Changes of making some good profit are existed. New work comes as fresh orders of clients are placed. Till now the site is alive and active flow of new assessments are available.  Hope you are there the right time and grab them.

We forgot to tell that the service is free. Register an account if you want here.

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