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Buxstore is up for sale

As the title clearly discloses, the site is up for sale at Flippa. Buxstore was in trouble the past week with delays on payments etc. The same well-known story played hundred of times if not thousands. As you may have noticed, our transition in the new platform is partial since our pages which contain details of the analysed sites, are not completed yet. Buxstore used to be in our pending list and now we are 100% sure that is not going to survive. Usually, these kind of sales turn out unsuccessful because most of the times the seller hides the real stats of the site and the only thing that is interested on is to take a quick selling off for cutting the loses, if any or the buyer erases the current debt and makes a clean start, something that is not in favor of the old users who complain until the site’s closure eventually. So registered members or not better start thinking of dropping this site off of your list and move on.


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