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Buxsl is pointing out signs of a Scam site.

Sad for someones but so true. Already been suspended and just finished filling our dispute against BuxSL. Suspended because of the following avatar we decided to use in the forum area:





The forum thread where our conviction took place is this one:

If you clicked on the link, provided by our lovely friend and ex co-member you would land in a page which is written the following:

“This topic doesn’ exist!”

To help you out, the thread, the one that we are reported for violating the ToS, has been deleted after our suspension. What a coincidence!! Just for the record we hadn’t received our paypal payment within 48 hours as their ToS is clearly stating. Unfortunately we are not the only ones.,195900.0.html

It’s obvious that their paypal is limited for a reason but BuXSL never notified the members.

The BuxSL’s admins are suspected for fraudulent action 2 years ago by running another PTC site which had the name HyBUX. The same script and the same Ethnicity of the admin are some of the similarities.



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