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BuxSL is gone!!

The last episode of the short drama is written yesterday when BuxSL closed its doors, leaving an explanatory message about the reasons that made them in order to take this decision.

We have very bad news for BuxSL users.

This week PayPal decided to close our account without any prior notice and without possibility of appeal. They hadn’t provided us any valid reason for this limitation, they just said us that PayPal can decide who can work with them and who can’t… even being a legal company.
We would be happy to be able to go ahead with the project and we made everything we could to do it but we can’t, as currently more than 90% of total funds were on PayPal account right now.

This is very painful decision. As you see PayPal can break big dreams with an unfair decision. We tried during the whole week (we are sorry if you hadn’t received a reply to your tickets/topics on time) to restore our account access by all the possible ways but they were unwilling to do it and as we said they hadn’t provided us any valid reason.

We can’t avoid people to call us SCAM, as any other closed/closing PTC. But it’s not true as we don’t want to close we are forced to do it. As honest persons we are going to provide refunds to our investors (already started). Lamentably we can’t send the pending payment requests due to the limitation.

Before leaving, we would like to thank all the users who supported and trusted us and helped us to create this great community.
If you need to contact us for any reason, you can do it using this email:
BuxSL Administration

After a 2-day campaign to hide the problem by suspending accounts and deleting thread in the forum they realized that no more chances left so what else except of giving up the ship. The PTC community judges according to the signs that reckons and the last two days BuxSL was acting as a scam site. No more time for compassion left.

So for those who don’t rely on BuxSL’s words about compensation you can easily file a dispute as follows:

Alertpay: Follow the instructions that are provided through this link:

Paypal: Find your transaction/s and click on the link that appears on the bottom: “Resolution Center” or go to Resolution Center directly and file the dispute there. Enter the unique transaction ID for the specific transaction you want to claim your money back and choose “virtual goods” and “not received” as the details.

As for the Alertpay users we believe that although you can win the case there are not sufficient funds into the BuxSL account, but you won’t lose much if you try.

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