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Browse4Bux is moved to our Watch List

We are moving Browse4Bux to our Watch list after the news we read in the PTCI’s forum section. Kenneth Kraakstad the former Buxtrio admin (look at here) it seems that is behind Browse4Bux. Due to case’s complexity we are not going through the details. We will update this post once we have collected a satisfied volume of justified information.

Bad news brought questions and uncertainty.  Now, we are much more confused about who is lying and who is the legit one. (UpdateDecember 13, 2012 ~ Update. Link removed because browse4bux contains malware as Google warns)

UpdateNovember 09, 2012 ~ Update: Site has lost its paypal account permanently. This is happened for second time due to its business model (ref. shares). A site which cannot comply with the rules is not recommended. Moved to dustbin permanently.


  1. I find this blog funny as well 3 months ago calling us scam and we are still running fine x) .. Just another PTCI fan boy I guess.

    • Your guess is false since i don’t have any connection with the PTCI admin (as a partner) nor I’ve been digging information from his blog (i rarely visit it lately). You gave life to a buried blog entry while i had moved your site to the pending list as an act of courtesy. By calling your site scam is like giving value to it as well as I clearly recommended to my readers not risking their time and completely ignore your site, which is a bit unlike. I may reconstruct the way the PTC list looks like so you won’t be confusing the page with any page of PTC investigation or evaluation. I appreciate their work but this blog has totally different intentions. PTCs is a part of it but not the main one.

  2. Thanks to the blog,I hadn’t yet entered Browse4Bux and by seeing this post I will not enter until it is solved.
    And thumbs up for blog team for not being deplomatic with the site and deciding on behalf of members.Maybe it will be more nice if this blog create a separate section listing all spam PTC and GPT

    • There is already one but we just don’t want to concentrate in PTCs that much so you won’t see many in this list. Reason? All the PTCs are getting filtered from first hand and don’t pass our requirements that we have set.

  3. I am by no means an expert on this subject but I did read some of the documentation that is listed under the links you posted. It certainly does sound like there are some issues and you were probably right to put this site on your Watch list.

    Life is short. No sense in wasting time with a site that is having issues. If/when they get those issues straightened out, then they can get back into the game.

    • Either expert or not your sense is spot on. I don’t want my readers to be involved with risky investments or dubious schemes. Scam or not doesn’t matter while is just wasting our time. By the way, Browse4Bux is going an extra level down. Downtown. :-)

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