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5 Ways to Earn Money Through Social Media

5 Ways to Earn Money Through Social Media

Are you interested in making money while using social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook? Do you prefer working from the couch over working from an office? Whether you are looking to supplement your income or create your own empire, freelance work allows the flexibility of working in your sweatpants – plus, who doesn’t want to get paid to use the sites you check daily anyway? Here are some simple ways you can earn money through social media:

  1. Sign up with fiverr

Do you have a service (in fiverr-land, they call this a gig) you’re looking to market? How about offering to bring in Facebook fans for a company or handle the back linking a company needs in order to optimize SEO? Offer it up on fiverr (read more about it in the New York Times!) name your price and sit tight until your specific gig is ordered. Deliver on your service and you’ll be paid via PayPal.

2. Begin using Pinbooster

If you’ve spent many an evening beefing up your Pinterest boards, now is the time to make that hard work pay off by partnering with an advertiser who will pay you to pin on their behalf. All the while you retain control of what you post, as well as your payment rates. Quite simply, if you have been deemed an influential poster and have a substantial following, you can get paid to pin.

3. Simply reach out to a company

Do you think you would be a value add to a company’s social media strategy? Let them know by sending samples of previous work, as well as the great results you helped bring to the company. Position yourself uniquely and show exactly how you can help increase things like engagement and ROI, and they are likely to take notice — and appreciate that you took the initiative.

4. Add yourself on PeoplePerHour

If you consider yourself a social media expert, let it be known. Set up a portfolio and get to work on searching for jobs and sending proposals. PeoplePerHour is a global company, so you could find yourself posting about, say, Horiba water quality for a company in Singapore, but that is part of the fun. Plus, it’s a great way to boost your portfolio and resume!

5. Tweet using SponsoredTweets

Yes, you can get paid to tweet. By signing up with Izea’s SponsoredTweets, you set your price and select the category and keywords you would be willing to tweet about, and advertisers will contact you with specific opportunities. Select the ones you want to tweet about (always including a disclosure that the tweet is sponsored), and you will receive payment within 24 hours of the tweet being sent.

Whether you can spend several hours a day or several hours a month, put more money in your pocket using social media sites many company need help maintaining or promoting. You can find numerous opportunities that align with your skills and your schedule. Get started today and help fill the need!


Alicia is a content coordinator for a tech company. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and making small animal traps, cooking healthy meals, and blogging about health, tech and communication.



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  1. I already have tried sponsored ads for twitter, however you need to have good number of followers and active profile.

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