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3 Reasons Why Google+ May Be the Most Important Social Media Platform for SEO

3 Reasons Why Google+ May Be the Most Important Social Media Platform for SEO

The number of social media sites has grown tremendously in recent times, as have the number of people using them. With so much ‘relevant content’ being ‘discussed, reviewed and liked’ on various social media platforms, search engines had no option, but to consider social signals as a factor in their search rankings. This video shows Matt Cutts of Google saying as much.

But amongst all the social media, which has the most influence on SEO? Everything else being equal, SEO experts do believe that Google+ may have a slight advantage over the other social media platforms for SEO.


And Here are 3 Reasons Why This is so:

1. Google Can Easily Access and Index Google+ Data

Google is the world’s largest and most popular search engine and they own Google+. So Google bots can easily crawl all Google+ data for indexing and displaying when related search terms are queried. You may have observed that Google+ posts rank fairly high in Google search results. The same cannot be said of Facebook and Twitter because Google has limited access to these media. Here is an interesting article that covers this issue in depth.


 2. Google+1s Appear to be Stronger Social Signals for

The number of social shares that your content receives is considered a fair indicator of its relevance and value by search engines and the website is ranked accordingly. But the fact is not all social shares are equal. It appears that Google+1s are stronger SEO signals than Facebook likes and shares or Twitter tweets. An experiment run by Tasty Placements, an Austin based SEO firm, confirms as much.


3. Google+ Helps in Building Your Author Rank

Google will soon launch the Author Rank algorithm that looks to rank content depending on the author who has produced it. And your reputation as an author, amongst other things will be determined by your Google+ activity. How many +1s has your content received and how many Google+ circles you are in are some of the deciding Author Rank factors.

And the first step to build your Author Rank is claiming your authorship on Google to verify that you are the content producer. You do this by linking your content (blog) to your Google+ profile and linking back to your blog from your Google+ profile.

 So really, there appears no choice, but to embrace Google+ wholeheartedly in the interest of SEO? What are your views on Google+ and SEO? Do share with us in the comments.



This post has been written by Yasir Khan, Founder of Quantum SEO Labs. Yasir works with clients in varied niches on their SEO and social media strategies.


  1. I may be the odd one out here, but I can’t stand Google+! I find it clumsy and unattractive, but the main problem for me is that no one I know seems to have it so I lost interest in it very quickly. I may need to re-think it from an SEO perspective, though, as you make some impressive points. I think it’s better as a tool to connect with other bloggers vs. friends and family, at least for me.

  2. Google+ is great, and I think that AuthorRank is definitely something to keep an eye on. Also, if you want rich snippets to work for your content you need to claim authorship of the site/content first.

    So for anyone producing lots of content on the web, there is no choice but to sing-up for Google+. It also works wonders for click-through rates on the SERPS as your image and number of G+ circles are displayed near the search entry for your content. Now that breadcrumbs can also be marked-up using rich snippets, signing up to Google+, claiming your content and getting AuthorRank is becoming something that anyone serious about their SEO must do.

  3. How about Google+ for purely social functions? Do you think it will replace Facebook?

    • Although I’m not a facebook fan i don’t expect any radical change in facebook’s level of popularity as a social network. Google+ can remain the 2nd best alternative though.

  4. I agree with guardianofhope, I like the Google+. It’s so much easier to use than Twitter and Facebook. I think it is destined to be a valuable tool for bloggers and it is very user friendly.

  5. I like Google+ mostly because my parents don’t use it and can’t track what I do when I like something. Google+ is more for my friends, my sister, and the people online that tend to be interested in the things I like. It’s less stressful than Twitter and very easy to use. Especially since I’ve got Chrome and they have a plus one ap available so I can just click and go without thinking about it. I feel less like I have to actually say something on Google+ than on Facebook or Twitter.

  6. I think number 1 on the list is most important. Because Google owns it, all the information and access is their own….and considering they’re also the main search engine at this point, that means good things for people who use it. They can index and rank it even higher than they would other social networks.

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