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Get Paid To Write Articles For Others –

Get Paid To Write Articles For Others –

You are a skillful writer but you have it hard to operate your own blog either because your technical skills are narrow or you have limited time to manage one, or for 1 thousand other reasons i can’t think of right now. Your disadvantage could be turned to an earning possibility since there is the option of writing articles, essays & other editorial work for clients who need your contribution. Yes, but where do i find them? is an online service which connects writers and clients, so there you go!!


Is there a sign up fee or subscription needed?

Absolutely no. The registration is free and no subscription is included. No hidden fees. Everything is free. Register and start searching for a job (If there is one available, i will explain below.)


I’m registered and logged in. What I’m doing now?

The procedure is very simple. Firstly, complete your profile with 100% accurate info. This way, the client takes a hint about your virtuosity into the writing and can formulate an idea in regards to your writing style & persona.


Account levels

The site has created 4 levels depending on the skill and experience of every member.

The levels on the site are as follows:

  • Bronze :  Below 3 stars writers.
  • Gold :  Only with 3-4 stars writers.
  • Platinum :  Only with 4-5 stars writers.
  • Premium :  Admin Approval of Credited Authors.

In order to become a Gold writer you have to have 3 reviews of 3+ stars.  After you have received 3 reviews you are eligible to write “Gold” articles.  Then, you will need 5 different reviews of 4+ stars to advance to Platinum level.  Premium level is only be given by admin’s approval.


Available Jobs

Let’s go to the part you are interested more and you will compete with others. Click on the Write articles tab. There you will find all the current availability depending on your level. Every newly registered user starts from Bronze level. The jobs are distinguished by word count, different categories, language (English, Spanish, German, French). The main disadvantage of the site is that they are rarely any jobs  available to Bronze users so you must keep checking throughout the day. The notification system could help you out but is not still existed. When you find an article you can accept it and start composing. Be careful with the given guidelines. The client has the right to decline your work or ask for improvements and resubmission. The communication is accomplished via a pm (personal message) system.


Payment methods

The only method to get paid is via paypal once you have  collected $25. The requests are processed every Friday.


Important links

There are some interesting tutorials you could read here, sometimes not related to the site itself but still useful. The contact link is here. There is also an affiliate opportunity that might interest you; look here.

Video presentation:



Like i mentioned above, there is a lack in available jobs every day, especially to those who are down on the lowest level, although the site seems easy to use, without many complex procedures and relatively low cashout limit according to the earning margin. Another paid to write site to put in your list, I guess. Good luck writing. :-)


  1. They are changing their scheme. I don’t know if you received their email. In case you haven’t:
    “/…/It’s been an exciting year for, but we would like to notify
    you that the job writing section of the site will be coming to a close.

    You will no longer be able to login to your account or access any previous
    articles or jobs after December 31, 2013. Please be sure to download and
    remove all necessary content from the site before then.

    The good news is that the site is still alive and well, but going in a
    completely different direction. Heading into 2014, will
    focus purely on blogging and WordPress tutorials and guides./…/”

    • Yes i have received it as well. Thanks for reminding me to update the status of the site. :)

  2. I think this web site is worth checking! I’m a freelance writer looking for a chance, but at the moment I feel kind of overwhelmed. Thanks for the useful articles! They’re so informative and useful.

  3. I have also experienced some trouble with the site; I have written several articles and have not received any payment. I have not even received a message from them. It is now three weeks and I am kind of frustrated! Watch out!

  4. Thank you for your information on this new website for online writers.
    The more opportunities for people to earn a living by posting content on the web, the better. Although, I would be a bit sceptical after reading TK’s comment. seems to be very similar to I have written for iWriter and my experience is that slowly, but steadily, talented writers posting quality content can earn a nice income.
    You can also try writing for, which, at the moment is top dog in ongoing revenue sharing. Although, they don’t pay upfront payments like iWriter, they pay $0.01 for every single view your content receives. They also pay you for social activity, which means also $0.01 for every comment, like and share on your posts.
    You receive your payment once you have $25 in your account through Paypal. A very decent paying website overall.

  5. Thank you for this post. I’ll definitely be checking this out, and I want to also thank you for the caveat

  6. Watch out. I wrote seven articles, six were approved and have never received any pay. I have sent numerous messages but i only got one replay promising to pay. Since then, nothing happened. I have written for many sites but this one is really a site to watch. Be careful not to be frustrated.

    • Thanks for the heads up. How many days have passed without being paid? I will try to contact them and request some explanation about your case.

  7. This definitely looks like a promising site! Thanks for posting this. I will be checking it out for sure.

  8. This site looks like one to watch! I signed up as a bronze user, but unfortunately no jobs seem to be available right now. I’m currently struggling to break into the freelance writing scene and it’s very difficult for someone without an experience portfolio to get started.

  9. It seems like a good site where you can enhance your writing skills and earn money, awesome features! If all goes well, I do hope this site has many members and traffic.

  10. I’ll check this site out. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I’m going to check that one out, I could always use some extra cash. I recently applied to Textbroker but I haven’t written anything for them yet. I cut down my hours at my job so I could focus more on my writing career and these types of places are good for filling in the gaps of time.

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